Da Silva Surfcamp - Specials

Surf and Yoga

Together with our long term partner the Ripar Surf School we kindly offer you from now on a Surf & Yoga Package. The Enthusiasts among you we probably don't have to explain anything regarding this. To all the others - well - yoga is the perfect complement for surfing and its specific training exercises are likely to improve - among other abilities - your turns. Talk to us regarding this offer and get yourself the perfect balance to your daily surf units starting from 70 € p.p. and week.

Solala Longboards meets Da Silva Surfcamp!

We are pleased to announce that our friends from Solala Longboards in Hamburg provided us with some of their stylish cruisers! Longboarding is regarded as a good supplement and exercise method for surfing. In addition, it is extremely relaxed and great fun! Lend now for free Longboards at the Da Silva Surf Camp! Or visit us during one of our special weeks like last years and go for a ride with Solala-Teamboarder Santa Monica.


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